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Is there a memory card for the PS3?


I mean, im slightly running low on GB. Half of u are gonna say, “just buy a new hard drive and install it”. Well i honestly don’t want to do that. I was wondering if there was some sort of like a memory card, like external, that i can save and put files on, like the PS2. I’m pretty sure there isn’t, but if theres a device that works like that, could u say what it is, and how to use it. Thanks, from ur adverage hard core gamer XD

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  1. if you have the original ps3 that came out with the built in card reader than yes, i believe you can. you may only be able to save pictures and songs on it though, im not entirley sure. i think its called an sd memory card, or something like that. they have a bunch at radioshack. you’d get a better answer if you just called sony’s support line and asked, granted it may take 10 minutes to actually talk to someone

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