Home Xbox Forum Isn’t it stupid how microsoft charges you for xbox live?

Isn’t it stupid how microsoft charges you for xbox live?


Well first of all, why would you need to be a gold member to talk to a group of people(party chat)? We payed for the xbox, tv, and internet and yet microsoft still charges us for something we can do for a cheap price and/or sometime free. And not to mention they raised the price for live. Does

Microsoft really want our money for something that is not worth charging?

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  1. because it takes money to keep it up and running so that you CAN do all that stuff. if u dont like it, dont pay it

  2. Have you tried Sony’s free service? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    Id pay $60 a year for good service and MANY MORE options than just voice chat. Playstation cant even hold a candle to everything that Live has going for it.

  3. Ya, it sucks but I dnt understand the point of whining about it.Microsoft doesn’t care if ur pissed off about it cuz either way they have millions of people who are willing to pay whatever it is to play online. Honestly it’s not that expensive. I’d be more upset at the cost of games then the cost of xbl lol next to how much games cost, xbl costs look like chump change lol stop whining.

  4. “something that is not worth charging”

    That is obviously not a true statement because thousands and thousands of people willingly pay for it.

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