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LaserLife | Review | Show and Tell | Laserlife Gameplay


Review and Gameplay for LaserLife. I actually really liked this game, though it’s a little pricey.

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LaserLife | Review | Show and Tell | Laserlife Gameplay


  1. You didn't talk about how is the game played.
    I can guess that you used the arrow keys and the w,a,s,d to control the two light "rays" (I shouldn't be calling them rays).
    Wait, is this on a PC or a PS?

  2. Good review mate. The style of game reminds me a bit of "Child Of Eden", which is definitely not a bad thing. I'll be sure to pick it up when it goes on sale.

  3. I do think you should review AAA games as well, just to help bring in more viewers. However, I find it so refreshing to see someone taking the actual time to review indie games as well. Most of the games that have the most impact on me are indie titles, but a lot of them are crap too, so it's a REAL big question when you see something that looks like it might be cool. Thanks for this!!

  4. Short and detailed review, very good. It seems you focus on the smaller more obscure games out there, and for that I tip my hat to you good sir. Sound and video is crisp and your voice is very suited for audio work. Now to the nit picks 🙂 while I do like your voice , I think your presentation would improve great deal from writing a script and it would be a good idea with a few triple A game reviews to attract more casual viewers while you still focus on the indie games. on a side note….You kinda remind of Danny'O Dwyer from gamespot 🙂

  5. I was torn about trying the game out on sale for 4 bucks on my ps4 but your review helped to push me into buying it and now I'm curious even more so to try it out. thanks for your review

  6. Almost four thousand views and only two hundred seven subscribers. People disappoint me…

  7. I went ahead and removed my last comment out of embarrassment because once getting the hang of the controls, you were right, the game didn't seem to punish you enough for messing up. 🙂 Ended up beating it in 2.5 hours at Medium. Overall fun experience and will replay it on Hard mode down the road.

  8. Fascinating content, I like looking back at the older games (like HL2) through the lens of the current paradigm. Thus I hereby submit my formal application for your video subscription service.

  9. Hey man found your link on Steam your videos are REALLY good quality and same goes for your channel in general subbed! 😀 I'd say if you keep at it you'd have quite the audience

  10. This game looks suspiciously like Entwined, which was an indie that came out for PSN. I like the style a lot more, but nothing too special on either fronts. Anyway, found this review on steam, really like your stuff man. Subbed for sure!

  11. I found your link on steam and i have high hopes for you getting huge you have earned my sub awesome review!

  12. Excellent review, dude. I was actually considering giving this game a purchase given the developer's history and the fact that I adored the BIT.TRIP series.

  13. I agree with what +Alex510 said. You helped me in making my purchase decision, which is exactly the same as what you suggested. Going to buy it on sale, that is if it doesn't come out to be a free game for PS+ next month. Perhaps you could do a video review on SOMA. That game looks excellent!(some reviews say it is excellent as well)

    Thanks for helping me save my money! Short and sweet review. Great concept 😀

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