Lost Dimension Gameplay Preview

Lost Dimension Gameplay Preview


Lost Dimension Gameplay Preview


  1. Just finished it, The true ending is very worth it. You can trust Atlus for a badass story.

  2. What kind end world is This, there suppose to be orgy, that the most rational thing to do

  3. looks gay. its a $39.99 dollar game so dont expect much. how can you "missed" a shot from someone who is standing like right in front of you? what the fck is this? even valkyria chronicles got it right.

  4. so a sorta mix between the Danganropa and Valkyria Chronicles series? Might have to pick this up when it comes out

  5. this kinda reminds me of super robot wars, so im okay with this even tho initially i was like wtf finally a decent looking game but have mechanics of shit

  6. Pretty similar to Valkiria Chronicles mechanics. Interesting…It have permadeath as well? I hope so.
     I'll take a look as soon I finish Witcher 3.

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