My PS2 won’t recognize that I have a disc in it. Is...

My PS2 won’t recognize that I have a disc in it. Is it time for a new PS2?


I’ve had my PS2 since I can remember, and I haven’t played it in years because my brother is King of the PS2 while I’m Queen of the Wii. Anyway, we went to GameStop and bought two PS2 games; Kingdom Hearts and a racing game my brother got. When we got home I put the disk in and it seems as though it doesn’t read the disk at all. I remember that sometimes we selected browser and it would attempt it there.(Sorry if I’m mistaken, again, I haven’t played it in years.) But it only says the memory card is there. So I tried a game my brother plays daily. It wouldn’t work for it either. I tried all the games we own and it wouldn’t work. This got my brother and I really frustrated. Is there anyway to fix it or do we need to get a new PS2?

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  1. Well The fat ps2 or better then the slims in my opinion better at cooling them selves down any how were the games used or new. if they were used take them back or exchange them for new-used ones. If it still fails it is most likely time for a new ps2 fyi Ps3 slims don’t play ps2 games.

    help me please with my question

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