Home Playstation Forum my ps3 wont turn on.please help?!!?!?!?!?

my ps3 wont turn on.please help?!!?!?!?!?


ii touch the power button and it gos on of like 3 seconds then turns itself off and blinks red. is it done for? p.s it has not went yellow. what should i do. thanks for your help

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  1. If you look closely you’ll see for a split second as it goes from the green to red light it looks orange or yellow , that’s why they call if ylod , not because there is an actual yellow light

    so yeah , you have ylod and your ps3 is dead , call sony and pay them to get a refurbished ps3 in exchange for yours or toss yours out and buy a new ps3.

    So you don’t waste time I can tell you this , don’t bother trying to recover any data off the hard drive because its not possible

  2. Could be a power supply problem. Is it hot when you try turning it on, or is it cold? Check that the fan is working, as for the rest of the components. Although it’s difficult for anyone to answer this without symptoms, you should try to find something to work with.

    Clean the ports, and make sure your power supply is in good health. Keep it cool.

    Leave the ps3 alone for a while. Sometimes all it needs to do is just sit for a while so it can cool internally. Perhaps the internal temperature went so high, it was at risk of damaging itself, so it decided to follow emergency turn-off procedures and blink red.

    I wish you luck!

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