Neverwinter – Playstation 4 – What to Buy/Sell/Keep Guide

Neverwinter – Playstation 4 – What to Buy/Sell/Keep Guide


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This guide is for new players to the game. PS4 / PC / Xbox all included! It should steer you in the right direction for what to Buy/Sell/Keep – Hopefully I can save you guys some AD!

PS4 General Tips n Tricks –
Warlock Build –

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Neverwinter - Playstation 4 - What to Buy/Sell/Keep Guide


  1. One time, I was a noob as got a free coalescent ward from that invocation chest thing. I made a lesser soulforged. Then, I sold it for a few pieces of silver. FML.

  2. i bought 7300 zen. what would u recommend me to buy? im right now vip 1. and i dont have runic bag of holdings.

  3. I should have consulted a guide when I started. I wasted a free coalescent ward on a level 7 enchantment

  4. what set should an HR choose? im curently lvl 70. im also full trapper build and full damage boons.

  5. After playing this game for 5 months my suggestion to ANYONE is to "DON'T USE YOUR MONEY FOR THIS GAME…EVER". The game has tons, tooooooons of problems. It is the worst game I've played regarding glitches, bugs and lag. The game is soooo repetitive once you reach level 70. I mean literally there is nothing else to do once you finish all the campaigns with it's "boons". They only thing to do is dungeons and skirmishes that takes sometimes a fucking hour to get into one of them, mostly epic dungeons. The bugs can be literally critical. I almost lost my character due one of those fucked up glitches. Btw, I haven't paid a cent for this game.

  6. I just watched ur video and was wandering if u buy VIP 1 month and buy VIP the next month will the VIP rank go up

  7. btw great vid didnt know i should keep enchantments and that vip 1 gets a lock box key everyday im 200 zen away from vip 1 its on a 40% sale right now its only 600 zen

  8. what should my build be for gardain fighters sword master? i am so squishy i just got lvl 70 and its my first lvl 70 so i could use the help r a push into another vid that could explain it thanks

  9. sad that when I started in 2013 there was now such video. god bless u for what u r doing.

  10. Hey mate, nice videos. can u tell me what lvl can i buy legendary bag from ac? because i do like u said in video, but im lvl 17 and when i buy out the bag, ac tell me i cant, because i dont have level.

  11. i have a few questions for you and hopefully you have awnsers. would you mind if i add you on xbox so we can get in a chat party?

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