Playing PS4 Games on the MagicSee M1 with “Head Tracking”

Playing PS4 Games on the MagicSee M1 with “Head Tracking”


So in this video I explain how the MagicSee M1 all in one headset with HDMI IN emulates “head racking” on the PS4 and I play a couple of racing games just for fun.

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Playing PS4 Games on the MagicSee M1 with

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  1. my M1 viewer does not recognize ps4! How did you set the video settings on ps4? Help

  2. Hello, how you connect the ps4? When i try the sign show and after 2 second turn off and not only happend whit the ps4 happend with every thing i connect for hdmi

  3. Кто-то сравнивал очки "Magicsee M"1 с "Arealer VR SKY"? Какие лучше и почему?

  4. nice review. can this work as pc monitor will windows detect this from startup? my lcd kinda broke. advance tnx

  5. I have got one of the Magicsee M1 headsets and its working fine but when i plug the ps4 to the head set to the ps4 trough the hdmi it appers for a second and then blank screen…what's wrong?

  6. Hey brother you mentioned this device works with ps4 does it also work with xbox one let me know Steve

  7. Hey great video, there are not too many so call personal HMD reviews and close to no information at all anywhere. What I am trying to figure out is, would a device like this be able to work with an Xbox One just via HDMI like a normal TV or monitor do? Or is it the same limitations like Oculus have where you have to use Windows 10 and the Xbox glasses app, which in my case has been too laggy, maybe my PC not good enough. My almost new freaking 4K Bravia TV just suppose to be Sony long lasting, as soon as warranty is over, big freaking lines on right side, can't be fixed and would cost more than the TV itself, $3K. So pissed off.
    So please can you tell me, can I just plug this to my Xbox One and play a game. I don't want VR as in moving my head around, I just want to sit and have a good enough image quality and use my controller. And can you tell me if you experience any lag etc. Because if this works, I'll buy 2 of them and it would still not be a blood sucker like the 4K Sony TV did to me.

  8. Thank you my friend to react and I am waiting for the explanation kindly send us the new video link Thanks again

  9. Hello how are you my friend, I bought a cable from the Amazon site as you told me the same kind that sent me linkage but when you connect the cable to your glasses and PlayStation's second one appear and disappear What bugs please

  10. can you try it is compatable as it is compatable with steam VR with this program
    my pc elderscrolls online and other pc games work on my phone streaming vr using and pc its in the apptode store. you need two parts pc setup and phone setup you will have to downlad from there site pc files please can you check compatability on this unit as it appears to be a great solution for extra gaming from pc to your headset, the fantastic thing, no hard drive space lost as pc games are on the pc too, but in bioshock it looks fantastic plz checkout maybe thats your next video take care.
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