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PlayStation 2 Vs Gamecube Vs Xbox


PlayStation 2 Vs Gamecube Vs Xbox



  1. Sony is more brave than the others. I agree with this video, pretty exploitable heart wrenching to the fanboys lmao but its very true. All pack super talented hard work. No way of denying it. But come people sait with me, PlayStation is King of the consoles. (btw I play everything including pc)

  2. I'm not worried becuase this might be the last console generation for me. The only game I want is GTA 6 when it comes out or the next Forza Horizon game… that's it. I find the host of modern games… lackluster.

  3. so youve been a gamer for years and you notice graphic differences with your 30-year-old eyes better?

  4. why are pc gamers even watching this video……. by the way i use a console so I can say why i watched this

  5. Why do asians boycott xbox? Even when 360 was superior console, they wouldnt buy it. Its very very hard to find an xbox in Japan. Eventhough scorpio will crush everything it will sell terribly in Asia.

  6. just watched the video….well first few minuets anyway till you started saying about how disappointed you were in the ps pro….there is one reason and one reason only they came out with the pro and the sooner people understand this the better and that reason is psvr and the quality difference. I played psvr on the original ps4 and it was amazing…on the pro gobsmacking that in my opinion is why they came out with the pro no other reason than that.

  7. funny he mentions future proofing and associates ps4pro lol and Microsoft s console would be supprising to play anything in 4k 60 with some sort of vsync

  8. You mother fuckers stop with the pc shit I'm not playing fucking overwatch fucking weebs.

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