Home Xbox Forum Shall i get Alien Vs Predator for xbox 360. Any Good?

Shall i get Alien Vs Predator for xbox 360. Any Good?


o yeah. is it one of those games where things jump out at you in the dark

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  1. I downloaded the demo and it was so bad i couldn’t play for more than 5 minutes. Download the demo though, its free on the marketplace

  2. it sucks i’ve played the demo.

    and it’s very terrible.

    you can’t see anything if your the humans.

    wasn’t able to play as anything else other people were but it looked like the balance was way off.

  3. well. it sometimes does scare you some alien comes from the ceiling nd rapes u but i wouldnt get it

  4. Yes it is a game where things jump out of the dark at you, when playing the marine campaign all the corridors are very dark and all you have to illuminate them is a tiny flashlight on your gun and some flares. Having facehuggers and aliens jumping at you from everywhere is pretty intense.

    It’s a good game, but the controls for the alien and predator have sharp learning curve and will take some time to get used to. So playing as them in single or multiplayer is very hard in the beginning.

  5. its a good game if your a fan of the series yeah the marines light is little but that just adds to the scare effect of the game.

    and the multiplayer is probably the best part everyone is balanced well and the game modes give a good variety but i dont think there are enough maps.

    the alien campaign is pretty short i thought the marine campaign was pretty on point though the campaigns all together take about 12-14 hours for all three.

    the game isnt terrible i give it about 7 out of 10 maybe 8 because of the multiplayer.

    just wanted to clear this issue up not a terrible game hope this helps

  6. Horrible game. Got it the day it came out. Bad graphics. Have not tried online yet.

    But the campaigns are horrible. That’s my opinion. I’m going to return it someday this week.

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