Should I Buy A Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Or 250gb Kinect?

Should I Buy A Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Or 250gb Kinect?


i just want to buy xbox 360 games and kinect games and have xbox live and is there a differnece in speed does the 4gb lag more than the 250gb and does using the menu apps hog up memory

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  1. 250g is better. 4gb is way to little trust me i had that problem! just downloading the kinect takes like 2 gb away! and u should get 250gb cuz then u can download games and download more stuff for ur xbox :) but 250 is $100 more but its worth it. :) hope i helped!!

  2. 4GB is way too little memory. If you find a cheap 250GB Xbox HDD, get the 4GB and then the hard drive. Otherwise, get the 250GB.

  3. 4gb is not enough you should get much bigger capacity if your planning to install games, music and videos. Check it out some info i collect to more about Xbox 360.

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