sniper ghost warrior cheats

sniper ghost warrior cheats


sniper ghost warrior cheats


  1. For Idiot that's can't follow the instruction…. copy all the file from, then click on save as…… debugconf.scr as a file name, by using notepad anywhere u like…. After COPY N REPLACE the file from program filesniper ghost warriorgames
    That's should be clear enough and if u still can't get it work go fk urself.

  2. Did you changed its extension to " .scr " ? you need to change its extension to " .Scr "

  3. I think as it was a sale on steam a few Days ago, people may have bought the game through Steam. And i don't think that steam allows you to use cheats in games just incase you go online and having god mode on isn't really fair for others 😛

  4. Run your game with steam? I've exatly follow the steps on the link,but it doesnt work. i think steam prevents cheating.

  5. For people havin issues on win7 i figured it out. Open WORDPAD paste all in there and click save. type debugconf.scr for the file name and click save when the message pops up just click ok then copy it to the correct folder and bam CHEATS!!! hope this helps

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