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The Saboteur Review


Experience cheap thrills and hot nights in war-torn Paris. Read the full review at http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/105/1051540p1.html

The Saboteur Review


  1. It took me 6 years and i still have not decided wether or wether not i am supposed to buy this game .

  2. This game is on Origin and in the Origin access vault for those looking to play. You will need to look into the infamous controller fix in order to use a controller, you can edit the configuration file or download a fixed configuration file from Pcgamingwiki. Xbox 360 pads do not work properly out of the box.

  3. just got it yesterday from a store with 40 Lei (Romania)… i thought this game was rare and hard to find…. can't wait to play!

  4. This review is absolute garbage. I fired up my 360 for the first time in a year just to replay this excellent game.

  5. Games like The Saboteur,Brutal Legend,Shadows of the Damned,Alice Madness Returns are good examples that EA did try to publish some good games but the community did not even bother to support them.People are criticizing that EA likes to release games that are cash grab, without realising they did not bother buying these games that offered something fresh.

  6. dafuq is this guy talking about!? what game "on the shelf" is similar to this game? let alone does it better?!

  7. This game was amazing played it when it first came out and loved it. Then i found it for 4 bucks and i couldnt pass it up. So im replaying it and even now id still give it a 9/10. It saddens me how underrated this game is. Nobody has hardly played it but its Definatly worth a play

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