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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2 – Review


“A House Divided” stands as one of Telltale Games’ greatest dramatic episodes.

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2 - Review


  1. am i the only one who's disliking this game? i was intrigued when i found out that you play as clemantine when i got this game but im severely dissapointed as theres no conflict that address the fact that you're an 11 year old girl. from what i can tell right now if you replaced clem with an adult the story would still be the same. people are putting way too much burden on a young girl, and it doesnt make sense to me. why would luke choose clem to back him up over the bridge? in what way is that the best decision? not just that but everyone leaves everything up to clem. why would you send a girl alone to look for food in a building while you just sit on your ass? the premise of this game had so much potential but they just didnt deliver. couldve been much better if it actually felt like you were a weak and innocent girl

  2. WTF… I thought it was pretty bad, I still don't feel nearly as attached to any of the characters as I was on season 1. I find that i'm not enjoying this game nearly as much now. I loved first season, but this seems pretty boring so far.

  3. Wait?.

    Michael Madsen?. THE Michael Madsen?.

    Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs?!?!.

    I WANNA PLAY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. Incredible episode. I'd have to say it's up there with episodes 2+5 from season 1 as the series' best so far. Season 2 is off to a great start, arguably on par with season 1 so far. Can't wait for episode 3!

  5. What is sadder,the ending of Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 or the beginning of Last Of Us

  6. Just because a game has no faults doesn't make it perfect or a 10 out of 10. It may lack in some areas but that doesn't make those areas bad or con worthy, just that there not strong enough to give it a higher score. You can watch a mediocre film and find no faults but its still a mediocre film.

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