The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1 Video Review

The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1 Video Review


The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1 Video Review


  1. Spoiler warning ahead!!

    I'm gonna admit to being in the minority (I'm the only person I know who has this opinion), but this game's ending was seriously terrible. How do people accept the strangers motivation? Especially if you chose NOT to steal his stuff? You can literally go through the entire game making no bad decisions and he'll still say you're a terrible father for Clem. I don't get how a game entirely centered around choices and relationships (which don't matter because the game has already predetermined who lives and what happens, regardless of what you say) can have an antagonist who's entire motivation and cause of YOUR death is because of a decision you MIGHT have made. I'm not sure what the stats are now but let's say the decision to steal the supplies right now are split exactly 50/50. That means 50% of people are being punished for something they actively opposed. This seriously ruins this game for me, and I will never understand all the hype it gets or why it received game of the year.

  2. so is that all you do in this game?
    dialogue quick time events, is that it ?
    an entire game of quick time events ?

  3. They really pissed on the series with season 2. It was such a disappointment. Season 3, Well, it's even worse. Season 1 is and always will be the best season out of the series.

  4. You can come up with as many flaws as you want, this is game is still a 10/10 for me!

  5. The amount of depression I received in the season one is more than enough………..this is worse than TV series…….I hope season 2 is more than torturing u with pure misery.

  6. talking about people not having my back I just killed Lily's Dad she wouldn't save me from the Cannibal I don't need to worry about the Cannibal anymore

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