Titanfall xbox 360 Gooser question?

Titanfall xbox 360 Gooser question?


I have Titanfall for xbox 360. I know that the update came to Xbox One and PC, but did they reduce the required amount of pilot ejecting kills on 360 yet? I have gen 5 friends who still need a total of 50. Has the update even happened yet? If so, does it only effect people who are not currently gen 5 but say gen 4 and regenerate right now? I am gen 4 level 49 with about 7k XP till I level. I don’t want to regen if this update hasn’t happened, because I’m scared that if it even ever does happen, it will only effect players who become gen 5, not players who already are gen 5. Even a simple yes or no is enough for.

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  1. The update hasn’t happened on 360, and if you regen to gen 5 before the update arrives, that count will be reduce to 10 no matter what, even if you have like 30 ejecting pilots kills before the update, the challenge will be already completed.

    When I was gen 5 with 43 pilots kills I believe, when the update came the challenge was completed but this was on PC, it may or may not be different on 360

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