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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 (PS4 Review) – Current Quickies


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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4 Review) - Current Quickies

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  1. According to Guru Larry's Fact Hunt, without that patch, all you get is the tutorial level.

  2. The problems in a skateboarding game isn't the glitches skate 3 is full them and it's awsome

  3. When Activision/Robomodo abandon the game after just ONE fucking update, that shows much how they care about the fans, or gaming quality in general.

  4. Normally I would say "you wanted insertgamehere back, you got insertgamehere back, and you still aren't pleased", but this game actually IS complete horseshit. So I can't say that for this game. This game fucking sucks.

  5. I own pro skater 3, 4 and underground 2. Those games were my childhood. I dont understand what happened here. They were seriously fucking high when they made this. This is just depresses me. I'm not kidding, what the fuck happened?

  6. Please make a caddicarus reveiw of the 1st Tony hawk game!
    Please with a buttered biscuit with crisped cheese pieces and a sparkler on top!

  7. was listining to levels by Nick Jonas watching tis with no sound and the song matched the skating

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