TOP 10 BEST Video Game Consoles You SHOULD Buy in 2017

TOP 10 BEST Video Game Consoles You SHOULD Buy in 2017


TOP 10 BEST Video Game Consoles You SHOULD Buy in 2017

Top 10 Best Looking Video Game Consoles


  1. why does everyone argue over Xbox and Playstation? someone can't even express their opinion without someone getting all defense and hating on them. can we just agree that they are equal?

  2. These consoles where released back then only the Nintendo Switch was made in 2017 so screw you

  3. Nintendo needs to get on the ball and start producing more units, i cant find a switch in my community anywhere and people are charging from 400 to 600 dollars on ebay, i guess i will wait a year for the price to lower and they will be easier to find in stores, same with the snes mini, i really wanted one but Nintendo did not produce enough and scalpers are charging outrageous prices, Nintendo does this crap on purpose and they are about to lose a long time fan because im sick of there crap

  4. PS4 is the ugliest and bland console ever. They tried to get inspiration on ps2 but the lines and dimensions does not work at all. Xbox One X nailed it by agressively copying the original ps2.

  5. Top consoles design or looking:
    1.PlayStation 4
    2.PlayStation 3
    3.Wii U
    5.Playstation 2
    6.Xbox One
    7.Xbox 360 Fat
    8.Xbox 2001
    10.PlayStation 1
    11.Nintendo 64
    12.Sega Saturn
    14.Sega Genesis
    15.Nintendo (Nes)
    16.Master System
    17.Pc Engine
    18.Neo Geo
    19.Atari Jaguar

  6. Mostly good looking video game consoles but NTSC Snes??? Seriously? I cannot imagine who can consider it as a good looking piece of hardware

  7. If you're going to be basing off of looks modern consoles should always win ,they are slicker and fit the modern look ,Old consoles look cool because of what they are ,new consuls look cool because they are trying to be known for what they are so they have to try harder which makes them look better.

  8. I know this was made before the Switch came out, but I adore the look and feel of the Switch. I also love the Playstation 4, and I have a soft spot for the New 3DS. Especially the Galaxy colored one <3 So pretty…

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