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Tritton Kama Headset Review (PS4 and Vita)


Tritton Kama Headset Review (PS4 and Vita)

This headset is definitely one I think you guys should know about. And not just for the pretty flashing lights………….these really are that good! Enjoy the video.
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  1. So two questions. Does it only work with one ear for you? and does the mic piece comes off?

  2. I bought this a week ago and last night the right side started to like fail, i just can hear in the left side (the side that have the microphone and the connector). And i didn't drop or smashed it yet it just started to fail, if i hold or move a little the conector i can hear both sides but it's annoy to do that it suppose to work normally because it's new. Can anyone tell me if there's a solution for this? Please i will aprecciate.

  3. Can anyone recommend me a mic where voice chat comes through both ears? One that's around the same price preferably

  4. my dad took me to Wal-Mart this morning before school and i saw these for 35 bucks in the clearance aisle so I got them

  5. Solid headset in terms of sound quality, I feel the price is a tad steep though, not crazy steep but they are a little expensive. For a little more cash you can get better audio for gaming. I do absolutely love the look and designe of the headset though and the lights are cool, though they drain your batteries fast. I didn't feel these were good for music though, I went back to my Sony headphones for my music. But for gaming these are a solid choice. My big and only problem with them though, is they can get heavy and uncomfortable for long gaming sessions. You will feel them on your ears and head after a few hours of gaming.

  6. Should i buy this headphone or should i take more money and buy the astro a50? but i play on ps4 slim so I don't know if it is worth it without a optical connector

  7. I was about to get these instead of the hyper x cloud ii's but just before I clicked off the video he said "my choice is still the hyper x cloud series" lol

  8. I just got one of these took it out of the box set it up went to play with it and it wouldn't mute the light came on and everything

  9. I just bought a pair and I plugged it in to the mic port and they didn't work? But I plugged them in the headphones and they did. How do I get the mic to work on these?

  10. Just got it and I have to say, I really don't like the fact that I can't really hear myself when I talk like other mics. The sound quality is good, but that one thing does bug me

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