Modding Your Final Fantasy XIII Save (Xbox 360)

[Tutorial] Modding Your Final Fantasy XIII Save (Xbox 360)


[Tutorial] Modding Your Final Fantasy XIII Save (Xbox 360)


  1. When I try open ff13-00.dat … program send me this error: End of stream reached with 53248 bytes left to read. :/ …
    Than if I try to save … impossible to find: : …..save_data.bin

    Help!!! Thanks :D.

  2. sorry, I can't seem to get Horizon downloading, and my .dat file I collected using USB Xtaf Gu isn't editable via the modder… please help?

  3. When I press download it downloads but then when I press it, it says internet explore has stopped working please help me! thanks.

  4. all i did was put lightnings str and mag too 5000 and injected the modded save,… it just said save cannot be loaded

  5. ok i open the editor click file open click on my data and then it says something about (JIT) debugging error and help please!!!!!!

    For those like me who are attempting to 100% complete the game with achievements, one of the achievements asks that you hold every weapon and accessory at least once. The accessories that FFXIII Save Editor puts into your inventory DO NOT COUNT. They function perfectly in game but when going for that achievement you WILL have to find/make them in game.

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