UNBOXING PS4 – $940 In Products Revealed (Australia) PLAYSTATION 4

UNBOXING PS4 – $940 In Products Revealed (Australia) PLAYSTATION 4


UNBOXING PS4 - 0 In Products Revealed (Australia) PLAYSTATION 4

PlayStation Australia recruited us to find out if we can keep all of our 16 children happily entertained using just the PlayStation 4. It’s safe to say all the kids love it (and dad too)!

Before we tested out the PS4, I didn’t know you could use it to stream so much entertainment as well as play the great games. It has definitely helped keep everybody entertained

Over this Christmas break we will definitely be spending quality time together as a family, enjoying our PlayStation 4 and all the great entertainment services and games it has to offer.

The Bonell Family - Playstation 4


  1. My first game I played is gta 5 and on the Xbox one the first game I played it the crew

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  3. PC 4 lyf but if i had to choose between the PS4 or the xbox one, my decision would lie in the PS4

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