what are hd/av cables for xbox?

what are hd/av cables for xbox?


i was looking at xbox controllers and one of them came with hd/av cable. i dont know what they are, someone please help!

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  1. HD/AV means High Definition Analogue Video.

    So it’s an analogue cable for HD content.

    You probably got the Component one. If you have a HD Television, it either has those 6 colored inputs you can plug your cable into. Or it has adapters which you can plug your cable into.

    Using this cable instead of the standard SCART cable you can use resolutions up to 1080i(I recommend 720p though, since i (for interlaced) is kinda hard on the eyes).

    The standard SCART cable can do only 480p.

    Sound won’t change though. Still only analogue stereo.

    If you have a newer Xbox (since 360 Elite), you can use HDMI instead. Since this is a digital interface, image quality should be more accurate. And it allows up to 1080p and 5.1 digital sound.

  2. Well in short term the HD cables are used for High Defintion TVs (Flat Screen TVs) so if you have a Flat Screen then I would get it and use it for that, because SD (Standard Definition) has nothing on HD because HD produces 720p – 1080p which means your game or movie will be crystal clear and the Audio will be 10x better.

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