Home Playstation Forum Why the value of PS3 is going down as compare to xbox360?

Why the value of PS3 is going down as compare to xbox360?


But PS2 was more successfull then xbox!

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  1. Don’t listen to Phade the ps3 slim’s rarely break down, that is as long as you keep it properly cooled in a decent area. As for your question, I fail to understand the signifigance of your point. I mean, if you go to sell a 250gb or 160gb ps3 you will definatley get more than a 360 slim. But nevertheless, what you are refering to is an economic principle whereas the more systems you insert into the world the less the overall system represents in a valuable way.

  2. My PS3 is about 5 years old. It works perfectly and I’ve never had any problems with it. What about Xbox360, I think they gain some advantage due to Kinect.

  3. For starters, the PS3 has this finicky habit of breaking down shortly after purchase! I bought my PS3 in December 2009. By May of 2010 I had to send it to Sony for “repairs” because it wouldn’t read any discs and it took several tries to eject a disc! That’s not something I would expect from a game console in the first 5-6 months of owning it and to boot I only played it like 2 to 3 times per week approximately 1 to 2 hours when I played so the durability of the PS3 isn’t that great!

    The PS3 HDD causes issues as well! I think most people have gotten that dreaded “Corrupt Data” message and when that happens games won’t load and you end going into “Safe Mode” and restoring your file system! It all sucks!

    Most people have went out and bought their 2nd or 3rd console and in some cases their 4th console because the others failed and if you’re going to pay Sony $150 for repairs, you may as well add to the $150 and buy a new console which is what Sony whats because it makes it appear as if the PS3 is selling!

    Also Sony doesn’t repair PS3 consoles! They send you a refurbished unit hence the $150 “repair fee”!

  4. The ps3 stays using the same model for years as opposed to the 360s that come out with fresher models with equally fresher prices

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