Home Playstation Forum Will i get banned on ps3 for gamesharing?

Will i get banned on ps3 for gamesharing?


my brother and i both have our own ps3s. i would always buy games on the ps store and sometimes my brother wants the same game. instead of BUYING the game again, i always sign on my account onto his ps3 and re download the game so that we both have it. we have been doing this for the past 2 months and nothing happned. im wondering if we would get banned even if our accounts are on Two ps3s. (im on an itouch so my typing sucks) thanks in advance

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  1. Impossible to get banned although sony disapproves of it. But what can they do that they couldnt hav done already. With that said if ur interested i wanna gameshare infamous and little big planet, im always looking to gameshare.


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