Home Xbox Forum Would you trust buying a second hand Xbox 360 of ebay?

Would you trust buying a second hand Xbox 360 of ebay?


I`m not really a hard core gamer, and i doubt i`d use it for going online, so I just want a cheap xbox and play a few games but would you trust getting a second hand one of ebay? Do they all suffer at some point with RROD as it seems there are loads on there advertised as faulty?


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  1. At ebay you won’t be getting much price difference then the new one. But new one is worth coz you get warranty and it new and the xbox is not banned from live for any reason while there’s chances of xbox being bought from ebay, getting broke down rrod or ban from live for any reason or any other bad possibilities! bottom line is UNRELIABLE!

  2. i bought one off ebay that had been replaced by microsoft for rrod. it was great for about a year until the new interface update came out and bricked it.

    you save money, but lose the warrenty, which with the quality of xbox’s is important.

    your not gonna get one for way under $200 anyway, so just buy a new one.

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