X-box live free trial help! please!?

X-box live free trial help! please!?


I got my account and didn’t want to use my free trial just yet so i skipped it and now when I want to use it. i cant find it. any help on how to get the free trial offer back would be nice. I went to account and tried the payment thing and it just says all the normal prices.

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  1. You have to make a new account to get the free trial. You could just start all over with your Xbox profile, or you could just go the store and buy an Xbox membership card with the twelve month being (best offer) 60.00 or you could use a credit card to have it automatically payed every month. Whatever way you choose to pay for it is none of my business

  2. It must be started when the profile is created

    you can get a free trial with upto 3 profiles

    [url is not allowed];_ylt=Akdg1Q.v_iQGFyq00_QmED865XNG;_ylv=3?qid=20120419171554AA0Z60K

    help me now plz

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