xbox 360 info?

xbox 360 info?


im lookin at the holiday bundle from both ebgames and walmart

[url is not allowed] this is the white xbox 360 20 gig bundle

i heard that the older xbox 360 are defective and become screwed up over time (not reading discs internal problems) so ik that Microsoft was going to fix this problem and i heard they did with the elite but im not sure if its the same with this system

[url is not allowed] this is the elite from ebgames 120 gigs now other than gigs wats the difference between these two systems

[url is not allowed] this is a starter bundle with everything plus i would choose halo 3 and orange box as my games this is pricier but gives a little more but i dont necessarily need everything in this bundle

[url is not allowed]

which would u prefer

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  1. I would choose the xbox 360 elite with HALO 3 and madden 08. I would choose the xbox pro but its having some internal problems like you said so i wouldent waste my time on that, and plus the ELITE has 120 gigs so you can save a lot of things on your hard-drive. The xbox elite looks cool with the black coating so yea go with the xbox elite. the third choice.

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