xbox 360 live?

xbox 360 live?


what is xbox live,does it come with the system,is it free

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  1. Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold

    Features Live Silver Live Gold

    Download Content Yes↑ Yes

    Voice Chat Yes Yes

    Video Chat No Yes

    Multiplayer Gameplay No Yes

    ↑One week after Gold subscribers

    Every Xbox 360 comes with a 1 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. To continue this subscription or to fully upgrade to a 12 month, the user either signs up with a credit card through the Xbox 360 or may purchase one of the pre-paid Gold subscription cards available at retail stores.

    Connection to Xbox Live requires a broadband connection.
    Mottos for display on gamer profiles

    Game achievements, which are earned during gameplay

    Reputation rating which is voted on by other players who decide to either prefer or avoid another player

    Gamerscores, which are a total of a player’s achievement points

    Friends list, which is a list of a player’s chosen friends, up to 100 friends allowed

    Recent player list, which lists the last 50 players a user has played with

    Complaint filing system, which allows a user to report another user that has broken the Xbox Live Terms of Use

    The Xbox Guide, which opens a window on the left side of the screen at any time for easy access to common features

    Windows Live messenger integration

    Access to Xbox Live Marketplace content, including new game content, games and movies

    Voice Chat (wireless or wired headset required)

    Video Chat (Live Vision camera required, with headset optional for chatting, this is on Gold membership only)

    Multiplayer online gameplay (Gold only)

    Enhanced matchmaking using cumulative gamerscore, reputation, location/language profile, and gamer zone

    Bio section in which one can list personal interests, URLs, etc.

    Parental controls, limiting children’s exposure to other users (“Family Settings”)
    [edit] Pricing and subscriptions

    An example of a prepaid 2100 card, which can be used on Xbox Live Marketplace or Games for WindowsThe Silver level service is free, while the Gold level requires a paid subscription. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can be purchased directly from the Xbox 360, with a credit card and many retailers sell subscriptions, often at a discount. When purchased directly from the Console, the Gold subscription pricing is as follows:

    Country 1 Month 3 Months 12 Months

    U.S. $7.99 $19.99 $49.99

    United Kingdom £4.99 £14.99 £39.99

    Canada C$ 8.99 C$ 29.99 C$ 59.99

    Singapore SGD 13.90 SGD 34.90 SGD 79.90

    Sweden SEK 79 SEK 199 SEK 599

    Europe € 6.99 € 19.99 € 59.99

    Australia AU$ 10.95 AU$ 29.95 AU$ 79.95

    New Zealand NZ$ 10.95 NZ$ 29.95 NZ$ 79.95[24]

    Japan ¥819 ¥2079 ¥5229

    If users associate a credit card with their Xbox Live account, when the current subscription ends, it is renewed automatically. When this occurs, a notification e-mail is sent to the e-mail address registered for the account. In order to cancel this automatic renewal, users are required to phone a customer service number as cancellations cannot be made directly from the console. This procedure has been criticized by some users, particularly with respects to requests made by customer service operators concerning the reasons for cancellation.[25][26][27][28]

  2. There is 2 forms of x box live, Gold and Silver. Silver is the free one you can’t do much with it. With gold you can talk to friends/ people, buy things on the marketplace some games if you want to play online gold is a necessity. Gold account costs about 50$ for 12 months and you get an additional month free with the pre-paid card. Or you can buy it with credit card and that is without the free month.

  3. An XBOX Live Silver account is free, you do have to enter some credit card information to sign up for the service though but I dont think you actually have to buy anything.

  4. yes just get online. their is a silver and gold membership choice. silver is free and lets u go to any thing on Xbov live. Gold is a step up and lets u play games online and u get exclusive downloads. but it costs money u can pay with credit card or by a pre-paid xbox live membership from the store and put the code on the card into the xbox. like a phone card. now ur either very young or came from a country that didn’t hav xbox.

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