Xbox One Elite Controller Unboxing

Xbox One Elite Controller Unboxing


Xbox One Elite Controller Unboxing


  1. After 4 months of use I won so many gun fight in Bo3 using (A) button pad with a brecci is to broken xD like if you agree

  2. The only problem with this controller is that the Lb & Rb part is made out of plastic.

  3. I bought two and won two from a youtubers giveaway and my friend bought me 1 so yeah the luck

  4. This controller has flaws within 6 months of owning one the rubber grip expanded and the adhesive got all over it that held the grips were it is. It eventually fell off. The sticks drift already. All the button mapping is cool that's all I really liked, I did like the grips till they fell off. Get the biggest warranty you can get if you buy this or get a regular controller cause it will last longer. The elite definitely needs a huge price drop before I ever consider getting another. Microsoft ripped me off $150 haha

  5. I'll be coming over from 15 years of the same playstation controller so I'll be getting this because hairpin triggers for shooters and full length of pull for racing.

  6. Does anyone know what you can put in the pocket in the case I can't seem to put anything in there without it falling out

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