Xbox One & PS4 Are CHEAP!

Xbox One & PS4 Are CHEAP!


Xbox One & PS4 Are CHEAP!


  1. Umm.. No. 250$ is just the console! You need more storage $100 PS plus or live gold $60 and then you need more games $60 – $1000

  2. I don't really care I just want to know how much they cost because I want a PS4 or a Xbox One whichever one is cheaper because I want Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  3. what about salary back then bet it was more every thing is going to be more expensive because of printing money but technology comes down in price

  4. why the hell do you have so less subscribers, i mean you make good quality videos and also have been making since a long time

  5. PS4 buy at launch is 400$ + 50$ a year so let's assume the consoles last about 7 year is 750$ 

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