Xbox One vs. PS4 – Which Is The Best FPS Controller?

Xbox One vs. PS4 – Which Is The Best FPS Controller?


Destin and Alfredo debate about which controller they prefer to use for first person shooters.

Xbox One vs. PS4 - Which Is The Best FPS Controller?


  1. can we all agree that the 360 controller is the best. Keep in mind my current console is the ps4. mainly can't stand the ps4 analogs just can't be as accurate as I am with the 360

  2. ps4 controler best in gameplay xbox controler jst look good like ps4 have many excluciv games and xbox x not…xbox x just have power

  3. L1 & R1 are called "shoulder buttons. "bumpers are the stupidest name for buttons, hey sound like they should be made of rubber and you are supposed to bump them with your finger. Off set analog sticks are just stupid because it disrespects the d-pad by putting it in an awkward position. The symmetry of the ds4 feel better are is more pleasing to the senses.

  4. Marlon Brans I like the Xbox and the PlayStation the same but you don't have to charge the controller every 5 hours you just connect it to the controller and play because I have a ps4 and I don't have to charge it every 5 hours

  5. Shutup about which controller you like more. Ohhh i like xbox one ohhhh i like ps4. I dont care what you think, everyone can have their own opinion

  6. thumbsticks: Xbox one.
    triggers: Xbox one.
    more comfortable: Xbox one.
    buttons: Xbox one.
    overall winner Xbox one.
    and I know it doesn't really matter bit the ps4 controllers have shapes on the controllers, like triangle, circle, square. lol, why r we in? pre school. thta why Xbox one controllers r better coz they have letters, like A, B, Y and X. so for Xbox one controllers were in high school. so Xbox one controllers win overall.

  7. Idiots always start to compare stuff.Really like comparing Samsung with Iphones etc.They all have pros and cons no denying that but the fact that matters the most is which one you are more comfortable with.They all are great. PC gaming is indeed the best but is expensive and hard to afford.

  8. i respect all pc and ps4 gamers but i will never and i mean ever respectihponr gamers

  9. PS4 controller is better to me because the Xbox controllers thing that you use to move is hard to use

  10. Xbox is better for fps but ps for adventure style games. Fps as in first person shooter

  11. There both really good but the Xbox 1 feels better and is easier to use but it's all on your opinion they are both great in there own ways

  12. when i use a ps4 controller can i react faster and with the xbox controller is more for minecraft games.

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