Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer

Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer


Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer

Xbox One X – Reveal

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Xbox One X - Reveal E3 2017 9


  1. It's doesn't seem like a bad console at all but you will need a 4K TV to take advantage of this system and use the 4K gaming of course" and Microsoft said it runs smoother and faster. Also the price ain't that bad for the power this console has!!

  2. dad: here son, this is the Xbox One S you wanted.
    son: no dad, i wanted the Xbox One X
    dad: u wot m8

  3. hello i have recently started a new YouTube review channel and i wanted to review your Xbox One S but i cant afford it so i was wondering if you would sponsor my YouTube channel

  4. Not a fanboy of consoles but because the PS4 sells a lot more than the Xbox One, Microsoft is pissed and decide to make the most powerful console on the market for a great value and will sell more than the PS4 in the future probably.

  5. My best argument is that, no matter how much you like consoles. You don't only have console. Even if you have a 400 laptop all you need to do is add that money together and get 900. Boom $900 gaming pc.

    If you say $400 is to much for a pc many phones cost more than this and it's only a few inches long

  6. Stop wasting ur money on a videogame console there are more important things to spend your money like ur child medicine or food or maybe on your car financing or ur house repair or clothes for ur wifeor maybe an appliances that u need inur home instead video game console

  7. yeah yeah xbox one x what ? Still ps4 gonna kick your X ass until that x turns into red ring .

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