Home Videos Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console)

Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console)


Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console) . Trailer for Project Scorpio the New Xbox Console Releasing in 2017

E3 2016 Trailers Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYD0s9u6Ol26pFNADXKkwNbhgvt5AYj84

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Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console)

5 Sounds From Gaming Consoles That Spooked Us As Kids


  1. might as well get a pc. Sad people waste money on consoles. Consoles trying to be a computer.

  2. za 700$ można złożyć mini pc do gier 4k o wiele wydajniejszy i z windowsem 10 a xbox to naciągactwo – ładne reklamy a produkt to gówno

  3. Xbox: Play without boundaries.

    Charges you 25 dollars to play online with friends, communicate with them, and charges you to play online anyways.

  4. I'm not even joking. I honestly hope to god this thing is good. Like really good. This is coming from a PC gamer that still won't switch over to a console, but imagine how much of a leg's race it would be. The PS4 would have to step up it's game maybe stop charging for online, then Xbox would do the same. Nvidia would stop being so god damn cocky in the PC market and lower the prices of their cards and make some more insanely awesome cards. Hopefully AMD would have to make some high end cards to stay alive. Please let this thing be good. Competition in the gaming field will keep the console alive.

  5. All I hear in the comments section is graphics this graphics that, pc this and console that, and in reality I don't really give 2 shits. I mean sure it's nice for a game to have cool graphics but you know what matters more?… are the games fun to play, and do they have replay value. Can I finish a game and say you know what I'm gonna come back to you. I don't care if the game is on a console or a pc, if they are fun and worth my time then that's all that matters, and I'll play those games on either machine pc or console.

  6. whait the highest resolutuon well the highes now is 16k have fun trying to have any framerate

  7. And for 400 dollars or less you can make a pc that can play better then Xbox one and ps4

  8. the hell? none of these are scary actually the PS2 read error thing induced rage particularly if i had taken the PS2 game to the local video rental store to be cleaned 3 times already

    i lived on the beach so its obvious at least to me that its meant to be the sound of the ocean…

  9. Ha, "Console from another world…" yeah, probably due to occult influence, the real "otherwordly" reality.

  10. I remember I used to play in the creek ( we used to call it the woods) the creek was so huge we used to go exploring very very far …every now n then a tornado siren goes off n me n my siblings start screaming n running towards our home …not only because the noise was frightening but my mom used to say that when that alarm goes off its because "the chupacabras" is loose …same thing when I heard trains honking their horns at night ….only because my mom said "the chupacabras" was chasing the train ..

  11. The ps1 start up error isnt exactly as scary as you think. Its actually just the consoles attempt to read the unreadable disc, making the original start distorted. Basic computing knowledge

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