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Best Budget 4K HDR TV For The PS4 Pro | Buyer’s Guide 2017


Best Budget 4K HDR TV For The PS4 Pro | Buyer's Guide 2017


  1. thanks for all the comments and support on this video! what other content would you guys like to see?

  2. hey man I am gonna buy 4k hdr TV but I am concern that tv might not the best for gaming. here it is
    LG 43uh610v or LG 43UH610V. whats ur recommendation?

  3. I didn't mean anything by it my mate got the same tv it's probably the best budget 4k tv but best buy gaming tv is ks7000 it's quite cheap and true 4k hdr which is what you need for the pro and x

  4. you should at least go for the 7000 series that's the one I have and I even think I should.of went with the 8000 I would say the 7000 should be the bare minimum

  5. Word of advice. Don't buy the Vizio E series T.V.s. They suck! I purchased mine from best buy a couple months back and I've been very disappointed with it. It even has a bunch of scratches on the screen that I didn't make!! When I called Vizio about it they basically told me to go fuck myself! Really regret buying it! Stay away from Vizio, they suck!

  6. the absolute best thing about this tv is it's real world brightness.. I had a 2017 vizio cuz my 60 inch ku6300 got hit by lightning. the vizio had ok picture but the damn thing warms so dim I couldn't stand it. Took it back for another ku6300 and it's night and day! brightness makes the biggest difference to me and this tv excels at it

  7. I need help. I'm looking for a good 4k hdr tv to go with my ps4 pro, I want 40 or 43 inch I can't buy a bigger one. and I also want a tv that 1080p games will look still great too on it. I have a budget up to 900$ for it, maybe 1000$. What tv do you think I should get?

  8. But isn't this TV only 8-bit? Which is 16 million colours and missing out on a lot, you need one that's 10-bit with 1 billion colours to get the most out of it.

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