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Classic Game Room – GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 review


Classic Game Room - GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 review


  1. I like that from Grand Theft Auto IV and all games to come after in the Grand Theft Auto series no longer have loading screens when entering buildings

  2. Its funny how people think this game requires a monster pc to run properly. Just reinstalled this and I'm able to play this on medium settings with shadows on low at 1366×768 resolution even though I have an old laptop with 2,3GHz dual core, 4Gb ddr3 and 1024mb graphics memory.

  3. This game has a very desaturated look and feel, kinda reminiscent of the early 2000's or the way i look at it if that even remotely makes any sense. Whereas Gta V is very vibrant and colorful.

  4. why the fuck did I sell my ps3 ?
    and before you ask I don't have a good enough pc to run this game

  5. i remember being utterly shocked at the physics in this game

    the fact that people react realistically when you smash into them with cars absolutely blew me away

  6. GTA IV vehicle handling was terrible and the story was mediocre, V is in a different league and if you disagree you are clearly retarded! Brilliant attention to detail though.

  7. Oh! GTA IV, my favorite GTA! Sorry San Andreas, sorry V, but IV was just all what i want for a GTA.

  8. I undoubtedly invested an immeasurable amount of hours into this game. GTA V on the other hand, is collecting dust in comparison.

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