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Classic Gamer Reviews-Armored Core For Answer (360/PS3)


Classic Gamer Reviews-Armored Core For Answer (360/PS3)


  1. I loved playing AC 2 on my PS2, it was so much fun upgrading my mech and trying out different play styles. I always went for one of those 4 legged weird monsters with fuck loads of boost, I felt like a gargantuan donkey witch, just raping my way through the levels.
    I miss being a child.

  2. I just got my hands on a ps3, and I am trying to decide what armored core game I should get. I haven't played one since ac2, but I'm thinking either this or Armored core V. Which should do get?

  3. funny thing Miyazaki was only involved in armored core for answer and armored core 4 and they are the best in the series lol

  4. because of the fact that only 1% of people know about armored core, i get sooooo happy when someone mentions it in a positive way.

  5. Because you need to play the japanese version which has japanese audio cast. The international Voice Cast always sucks

  6. About the voice acting, those line are translated from Japanese, so you know, it's going to be quite cheesy and anime-ish, which I feel ok with that.

  7. Doesn't give you enough warning when you're about to leave the area. There is a very noticeable red line that shows the boundary(on the mini map)… I agree there.

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