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Do the new Xboxs get RROD?


I bought an Xbox Pro in 2006. Recently, it got the 3 red lights (RROD). I was calling some repair shops and a guy told me that even if I got it repaired, it would fail again eventually no matter what.

I’m thinking about buying a new Xbox. The Arcade versions are only $200. But here’s my question:

Is there anything in the new Xboxs that will prevent them from failing like the old ones?

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  1. I read somewhere that they do the same repair on the new xboxs before they send them out as they do when you send yours in for repair. If that is the case, then I would just say save your money and just send yours in to be repaired. But you probably ought to do a little more research into it before you decide. :/

  2. Yes if you buy an xbox 360 today check the SKU (model) number.

    if the number starts with 9 you wont get the RROD.

    but if the model number begins with 8 or less you have every possibilty of getting an RROD.

    The new jasper chipset 360s launched from june 2008 with model numbers starting with 9 do not have the RROD problem! ^_^

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