Home Playstation Forum Does anyone know how Best Buy pre-orders work?

Does anyone know how Best Buy pre-orders work?


So I paid for my PS4 months in advance and I was wondering if I actually paid for it already, is it guaranteed I get it? It would be really shady if someone else got my console because Best Buy wanted to sell faster.

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  1. Pre-orders are a *guarantee* of reserving it. Unless there’s a major issue with production or shipping.

    So they can’t legally give it to someone else.

    However, you do have a limited time to pick it up. Generally it’s 24 to 48 hours. You would have to contact that store for their specific time frame. THEN if you don’t pick it up within the specified time limit, they can sell it to someone else. You can still go and get it afterward, but it may be a while if their stock is limited.

  2. Manufacturers are marketing things as “pre-sale” so “you” can secure your unit.

    What they are really doing is using your money and everyone else’s to fund the actual manufacturing process.

    So, when they get enough feedback and payments the production will happen.

    Best bet is to ask them how many units need to be ores old before production occurs and THEN add in time to wait while it literally crosses and ocean, goes through customs and is then distributed where you live.

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