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Every PlayStation 4 Launch Title


  1. Mr Volk please calm down we all have our opinions. As a hardcore gamer must say both consoles are great in there own way just get which one suits you need personally I got ps4

  2. I laugh at all the Xbots who thought the console would be flawless on day one. At least PS4's issues were just from the hard drive/HDMI not plugged in correctly. Xbone got:
    Broken disc drives
    Network issues (Hur hur, so you think Xbox Live is better than PSN.)
    Controller not working correctly when installing the update
    The update not installing properly
    Consoles being banned after the EOU update.
    I dread to think what the failure rate is.

  3. Fail at 1:10. The people are holding xbox 360 controllers :/ Haha wow, who the hell edited this video? they should be fired!

  4. +Andrew Boorman
    You need to learn the difference. PS4 is gonna stagger out it's releases while MS is gonna shove it out there. Staggering out your releases in the long run actually helps as it means players will experience content of a long period of time. Maybe that's just me. If that's the case, disagree with me. All I'm saying is that it's gonna be like the Drought on the XBOX 360

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  6. Well heres a picture diagram of all the day one games and up coming games of PS4 and Xbox One. Its good to use to see if your still deciding on which console to get and you're stuck because you dont know what games they got. (PS Amazon is having a sale right now thats buy 3 get one free PS4 games only if you use the promo code GR8TNESS, Ihope that might make you decide what to get.)

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