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FFxiv on PS3.OR WoW?


ok im not a keyboard fan.I love PS3 games.but so far there is no any MMORPG games on it.I want to wait till FFxiv comes out on March but now im worried because it got bad rating on the PC version.so , should I wait till the PS3 version which “might” be good? or should I get WoW even though I don’t like Keyboards?

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  1. The PC version of FFXIV got some bad reviews but it really was an unfinished game released in haste. I hope the PS3 edition will live up to the expectation we have from Square Enix. Personally, I’ll be waiting for FFXIV on PS3. though I do love playing WoW Cataclysm as well.

  2. Ouch

    I suggest to wait till march to even think of FF XIV as a candidate. Why? Because it on the PC still isn’t even up to par of a basic experience. Lets just say it that you must REALLY LOVE Square Enix allot to see no flaws.

    It is quite possible that in March there won’t be a PS3 version. Anyhow if they can fix it and make it a worthy MMO!

    World of Warcraft is good because it is good at what it does. It offers not only the basic MMO experience but does it well. Smooth and it works just fine.

    I dunno really.lets just say that I don’t think that Square Enix can really fix all flaws. or even all big flaws.

  3. If you learn how to use/make macros you can use a gamepad for most of WoW, The important thing with WoW is the mouse not the keyboard.

    You can play with -just- a gamepad using macros but you will be slow to react in more difficult fights (like in dungeons) unless you use a mouse.

    FFXIV is okay, it has a lot of potential but it’s not quite there yet.

    I started FFXIV on release day just so I could get a head start leveling, I think the game will be good in a year or so (When it is released on ps3).

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