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FUSE Quick Look – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Intro & Mission 1 (Xbox 360/PS3 HD )


FUSE Quick Look - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro & Mission 1 (Xbox 360/PS3 HD )

Classic Game Room - FUSE review


  1. you remind me of philip j fry lmao. Just the stuff you say sometimes lol. Just thought you should know. ^___^

  2. You can change the difficulty to "lethal" if you are looking for more of a challenge in the game

  3. Funny how you speak of Final fantasy 13, cause Izzy Sinclair and Lightning have a voice actress in common. Also, Sinclair looks like the default FemShep in mass effect series. Wanna romance Liara T'Soni, guys?

  4. as a person who does not have ps3 or xbox,
    i would love to see more of this… since i cant play it myself.
    and with ghost commenting on it… i am too exited. 😀 please do more.

  5. i love this game i got it for 5 bucks , i big fan of gears of war and finished gears 1 2 3 and jugdment

  6. I really enjoy your xbox 360 Reviews, it's my Favorite Console of all Time and it has a library with over 1100 Games.

  7. I love it, even in single player. Don't know why people say it is boring. I think the near lack of cutscenes is a plus. Want intense third person action? That's exactly what you get. No gimmicks, lots of uninterrupted gameplay. Beats your average shooter with one hand tied on the back. There's nothing quite like pulling off a massive, destructive fuse combo. Solid fucking game.

  8. I'm playing this game right now .Think it a great game to play with your friends but the story line is really boring

  9. When I first saw this game I almost pissed my pants because it looked really fun and awesome but then something happened it became… this -___-

  10. Here is what you have to do (you can do this with Guitar Hero/ Rockband as well). Get Kinect and a dancing game. Get four friends and a crate of beer or two. Drink the beer. Then play on the Kinect with two to four people at the same time. That is one of the funnest experiences to have in gaming, not just with the Kinect, Rockband works beautifully in the same situation.

  11. Kinect might be kitsch, but even if it worked ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY I would NOT use it. Dancing around in front of a sensor does NOT sound like fun, AT ALL, and I'm not even unhealthy or overweight or anything, it's just so bloody tacky.

    There isn't even enough room in my bedroom to actually use a Kinect, so I'd have to set it up in the lounge-room and I am NOT dancing in front of a sensor out there. I would rather moon dance in the street while wearing a a Twilight Sparkle costume.

  12. But think about Kinect, it's still in it's infancy, we still haven't reached the 360's and the PS3's best graphics and they came out over half a decade ago, we won't reach it's best for another year or two, even though I found quite a few Kinect games very responsive. Also the PS4 has it's Eye Camera not in the bundle which can link up with the controller, which means there is content in games that people won't get, unless they pay exactly the same as an Xbox One for the camera.

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