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Graphics problem on the ps3 slim?


Okay,so I bought a new slim and tried playing COD4. It seems to be running fine but the faces of the npc are somehow distorted or corrupted. Is this possible to fix?

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  1. No, do not think it is possible to fix. May just be the low textures in some places of COD 4, a lot of games have them. Unless its a main character like Captain Price or Gaz. Try putting in a game like Killzone 2, or download the Uncharted 2 demo off the Playstation store. On one of those games see the surrounding textures and hopefully everything would look fine!

    No at the first asnwerer, they did not lower the graphical potention of the PS3 slim, that is completely wrong. All the hardware is pretty much the same but smaller chipsets which use less energy. It is by no means of a lower quality or power.

  2. no it is not as far advanced as the regular kind they took everything down a bit so the processor isn’t as fast and the graphic card is not a strong

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