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Green and blue weird colours on Xbox 360 Screen!?


So i have owned my xbox for about a year and something now with absolutely no problems. Today, while playing GTA 4, my screen suddenly goes COMPLETELY green strips and the only thing you can possibly see is the radar. i restart my xbox, play another game, i can play the game for 5 minutes until it pops up again. WTF do i do. whats wrong with my xbox?

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  1. your xbox is about to die.

    you will either get one of these problems

    no video: you’ll be able to hear everything but there won’t be a picture on the screen

    red ring of death: 3 lights on the ring of light

    E74: hardware failure, 1 red light

    if you get any one of these and you’re not covered by the warranty send me an email at

    [email is not allowed]

    I’m able to fix all of these problems for $40 plus shipping

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