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Have some trouble game sharing. Help please?


My friend on PSN and I are trying to game share but when they try to download the full games I have they get error messages. Right now only my ps3 and their’s is active so that is not a problem. The only problem is that they get error messages when trying to download things like Infamous festival of blood or my ps1 games. These are full games and as far as I know they should work for them. My friend has game shared many times in the past but they claim to have never encountered this problem with anyone else. So any answer you give could be a huge help to us.

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  1. game sharing is illegal , you will both get your accounts and consoles banned iif you game share ( they eventually catch all game sharers )

    you are only allowed to download games bought on psn onto two ps3 system you OWN , you can’t share accounts or even ask to game share , read the psn terms of use agreement and psn purchase agreements.

    if you activate the account on more than two consoles you can not use it on another ps3 , the former linit of 5 was changed in 2010 to stop illegal game sharing anfd that is why you get that message , sony will also see the account is on multiple consoles and when they see that these consoles are not in the same home ( which they can see by the mac address and ip address ) they will ban all of those consoles so don’t game share , just buy the game yourself legally.

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