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i have a six year old xbox 360, will it still connect live?


i have an old xbox 360 and was just wondering if it will still be ok to connect to xbox live. i am running a ethernet cable to my router and have brought three months gold membership ( both coming soon in the post) but now im starting to worry my second hand console wont run online as its not been live for at least three years. its received updates from games but don’t know if this is enough.

thank you for your time if you answer this.

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  1. I have had the same XBOX 360 console for more than 6 years and I am on XBOX Live everyday. It is rare for someone to have an XBOX for that long and not have any problems with it. Most of my friends have had their XBOX consoles replaced because they broke down alot.

  2. I have one of the original Xbox 360’s as well and it works fine for me. If it is receiving the updates for games where it says “you must update or be disconnected from live,” you should not have a problem.

  3. You’ll be fine.

    All 360s can connect to Live, no matter how old they are. The only time they can’t is if they’re banned. If your 360 needs an update before it can connect, it will automatically download and install the latest update for you.

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