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I want to jailbreak my ps3 on 3.56 OFW to 3.56 CFW without bricking it?


Hey, I have my PS3 on 3.56 OFW and i was wondering whether i can still jailbreak my PS3. It is not possible to downgrade to 3.55 on OFW, however, i wanted to know whether it is or not a possibility for me to jailbreak my ps3 without bricking it.

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  1. take it to walmart in box

    complain and show that it is very much all there and intact

    state that you already had a ps3 go bad and one sign you noticed was the long loading times of the blueray drive

    tell them you basicly just want to exchange for another unit and that you would be glad to pay a diff if there was one you may need to succumb to asking and stating that your able to pay a restocking fee cause the restocking fee would be alot less then ever having to send it in to sony if the blueray drive ever had a problem

    if its a no go simply try at another walmart

    i dont see the harm in this esp if you org did get it from a walmart they dont take stuff without recipt and they have a new policy on electronic but i have returned stuff walmart just reconsiles it write it off does whatever and they get credit for the one you exchange for so its not really hurting them esp when the unit in question actully doesnt have a thing wrong with it

    other then your trying to replace it for one they have hoping it has 3.55ofw or lower

  2. not yet. I think it will be after the law suite. If Sony wins we’ll be out of. But if geohot wins then it’ll happen.

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