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keep xbox 360 pro 60gb and buy kinect or sell it/trade in and buy the kinect bundle with the 4gb xbox?


what would be better?
I’m probably going to buy the bundle and just sell the 4gb xbox because it is the only way I can get a kinect, They are sold out everywhere!! thanks for all your answers!

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  1. This one is the best.

    new black xbox 360

    Product Features

    Edition: 4GB Kinect Bundle

    * Kinect sensor

    * Built-in Wi-Fi

    * Xbox LIVE

    * Xbox 360 wireless controller

    * Kinect Adventures game

  2. keep the pro xbox and buy kinect cause the 4gb xbox dosent have anything come with it like the pro did, and 4gb isnt enough for much at all so defiantly stay with the 60 gb pro xbox.

  3. Seriously take a look at what you’re asking. Selling a 60Gb for a 4Gb is a massive downgrade just to get it with a Kinect? No, just buy a separate Kinect and you’ll be much more happier.

  4. i think you should keep your xbox, my brother bought the bundle, it’s nothing special, it’s actually really annoying, low gbs lol

  5. keep it. 4gb is nothing compared to 60gb. and your current xbox can do everything the new slim one can PLUS heat your home.

  6. Keep your 60GB and just buy Kinect. You’re used to 60GBs of storage space. Dropping down to only 4GBs would suck.

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