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My Xbox 360 fell over?


My Xbox fell over and the warranty expired on it so i can’t send it in now. Besides, the seals have been broken off of it. But when it fell over It scratched up my GOW and now when I put in ANY game it tells me that it is unable to be read. I can go through everything else on xbox (demos, videos, music, ect.) but i can’t play any games from a CD. It could be a brand new game and says it is scratched. But when i take out the HDD it plays the game perfectly, but i can’t save. What do/could i do?


  1. Haha i cant get my 360 fixed so i took it in the hands of youtube search xbox 360 dvd drive fix and or fix rrod thats how i fixed mine but mkcrosoft is pushing me torward a ps3 hope i helped?

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