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online multiplayer rpg’s for xbox?


i’m looking for an rpg that has online multiplayer in which can be played with an xbox friend from another console. me and my boyfriend love playing games together where we can work on campaigns or co-op missions together.

i was looking into Skyrim. until i found out it was NOT online multiplayer or co-op. i was bummed because that was PERFECT!

is there any games like Skyrim.but is the following:

-fun multiplayer online.

-characters can be male or female

-customizable characters (hair, skin color/race, eyes, outfits/clothing, body shape/size)

-a pretty big world



oh, one game we thought about getting was saints row, the third. but if you could name some others we could look into. thanks!

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  1. seems those other answers dnt understand the meaning of RPGs, anyways.here goes:

    Dark Souls

    Dead Island


    Mass Effect 3

    The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

    Upcoming MMOs:

    Blade & Soul

    Kingdom Under Fire II

    Guild Wars 2

    Diablo III

    last 2 upcoming ones are in talks for console ports

    they don’t all have everything ur looking for but all are online multiplayer.

  2. Well you could RP in any online game. Just I think your looking for a game like Fable 2 and 3. Although if you are looking for games that you can rp with others, best to go to pc gaming. Rp heaven.

  3. I know, wasn’t Skyrim just perfect? Nevermind, they are bringing out The Elder Scrolls online next year which will hopefully be as good, just with online. Skyrim is part of The Elder Scrolls series incase you’re one of those people who just ignore stuff like that. But anyway, Dragon Age goes online, I don’t like it that much but a lot of people do so you might. That’s all I could think of for all of what you ask for. Other wise just. Fable maybe? No.

    Edit : I thought you meant the medieval type only! Then yes, GTA 4 is quite good, so is Red Dead Redemption as said, and yes, SR3 is good for online, I wish my online account didn’t mess up though.

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