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Please help me save my PS3 Hard drive!?


I have PS plus and I have it set to do the automatic update at 2:30 in the morning. I woke up this morning at 9:00 and saw that the PS3 had been frozen on the automatic update. I could not use my controller and I left it for a while but nothing happened, so I was forced to turn the PS3 off and turn it on again.

I turned it back on and I got a long message that I have had before saying that the system was not turned off correctly the last time in use, after this it started doing a download to check for any damage, this completed to a 100% and then it said it was going to do something about the database once I pressed X it comes up with a downloading screen and straight away says error, you need to format the system and everything on the system storage will be lost, I really do not want to format it as I have lots of games and it pains me to lose my saves. Is there anyway to fix this or if not is it at all possible to extract the save data from the hard disc and save it on a USB before formatting?

Thank you any answers much appreciated.

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  1. Thats a harsh situation there but im afraid if this message persists then the only thing to do is to format the hard drive. If there is no way to see or use the XMB (user interface) then there is no way to copy the saves.

    You might of thought of putting the hard drive into a laptop to copy the saves but this will immediately want to format as it is not compatible with any PC OS.

    Before you do this you might want to try (if not already):

    1) to remove the hard drive and slot it back in before turning it on again

    2) to remove the hard drive and slot it into a different ps3 and if it works to copy saves from there.

    Your PS3 system itself may be telling itself that it was updating but because it is not it is crashing.

    If this is the case this information probably wouldn’t be stored in the HDD.

    If none of the above works, however, the only way is to format im afraid, sorry 🙁

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